C Murphey

Health & Safety Advisor, Murphey & Son
I have been seeing Suzanne as a consultant for the last nine months to support me in building the company legal register, redesign our health and safety systems and to help us plan the health and safety culture we want to achieve within our company. Suzanne was instrumental in the building of the legal register and linking this to our policy and procedure requirements. Suzanne is very supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging. I am not sure if I could have built our health and safety system without her support and guidance. Suzanne is always available to provide technical support and guidance and we have discussed many staff situations and Suzanne has always provided excellent advice and support, even telling me when we as a company are going far beyond the requirements we are required to fulfil. Working with Suzanne and having her support has enabled my own confidence to grow as a health and safety professional.

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