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Kedleston Safety – Providing health and safety support, training and advice, to a wide range of businesses.

We offer practical hands-on support and advice to help businesses proactively protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff.

Safety is everyone’s concern and at Kedleston Safety we are passionate about changing the perception that health and safety has . Changing employees’ opinions regarding risk management can be a difficult, but there are methods you can use to change your workplace’s attitude which we can assist with. We know that health and Safety can be a legal minefield so we will help you to unravel complex legislation to make it easy to understand.

We provide sensible and no-nonsense advice to let you know exactly what your business needs to do to comply, no two businesses are the same! With the experience of the team we can effectively protect your business and its employees whilst helping to develop a positive health and safety culture.

Our expert advisors are always on hand to ensure businesses are safe, think safe and to offer the right advice at the right time.

We provide a variant training both in an open format or in house to fit the specific needs of your business. All our courses are delivered by qualified health and safety consultants and trainers.

Health and safety doesn’t need to be complicated. So, when you need reliable, practical people with a common sense approach to safety, talk to Kedleston Safety.

Providing high quality health and safety advice to businesses across the East Midlands.

Founded in 2016 to meet a gap in the market for practical and effective solutions to Health and Safety

Promoting a positive culture of continually improving client's health, safety and wellbeing.

A friendly, open and honest approach combined with their broad experience.

Learn a bit about us

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

We firmly believe in hiring, developing, and motivating great people. Everyone at Kedleston Safety is committed to your satisfaction and driven to exceed your expectations.

With every piece of work or project we undertake, we will always ask ourselves one simple question: Is this in the best interest of our client?

Our Purpose

To provide our clients a working environment free from harm by promoting a positive culture and continuously improving the health, safety and wellbeing of their workforce.

Our Vision

Be the best provider of health and safety solutions and training in the country.

Our Mission

Deliver innovative deliver health and safety solutions to meet the needs of clients

Our Values

  • Integrity – we are genuine, fair and nice people.
  • Continuous improvement – we have a genuine thirst for knowledge and learning
  • Dare To Be Different – we are not your average health and safety consultancy. We are pragmatic, if we have a better idea we will share it with you.
  • Teamwork — we will help each other complete work which may be outside our speciality
  • Courage – we have the courage to do the right things and work on tough problems.
  • Respect – we respect each other to be capable and independent people, listening to each other with an open mind without interruption.

Meet the team

Kedleston Safety is led by Suzanne Dixon, a chartered safety and health practitioner with over 20 years health and safety (H&S) experience.

She has worked in a variety of sectors including Rail, Manufacturing, Leisure and Entertainment, and her areas of expertise include risk management, H&S business cultures and mentoring.

Qualified in both Health and Safety and Environmental Management, Suzanne is an Alumni of the University of Derby, completing both her BSc (Hons) and MSc.

Suzanne founded Kedleston Safety in 2016, identifying a gap in the market for practical and effective solutions to Health and Safety for local companies who do not have that expertise in-house. Suzanne is an active in her work; rather than sitting behind a desk bombarding client with information, she acts as a supportive guide, leading businesses through the minefield of health and safety rules and regulations, providing the right solution for them and their business.

Suzanne’s friendly, open and honest approach combined with her broad experience of environmental, health and safety legislation make her a first-class consultant and trainer.

Daryn will be supporting Kedleston Safety clients in the leisure and entertainment sector, as well as small businesses.

He got into health and safety by accident (excuse the pun!). He studied English Literature at University, and has a Postgraduate Degree in Horror and Transgression!

Daryn has worked as a facilities officer for many years, with an overriding responsibility for health and safety. In fact you will often see him at QUAD in Derby, where he is their Facilities Officer too.  Rest assured, there is nothing Daryn doesn’t know about the health and safety in cinemas and public venues.

“Working within the arts has brought me a few unique health and safety challenges, which has provided a robust track record in both creative problem solving and ensuring partnerships are allowed to flourish in a way that benefits all parties involved. I am looking forward very much to meeting and working with Kedleston Safety clients”


Featured Case Study

Helping Derbyshire Decorators to stay safe and compliant

Derbyshire Decorators is a large decorating firm specialising in substantial restoration and commercial projects, including stately homes like Chatsworth as well as JCB and Stratstone car dealerships. The company has built a reputation for high standards and professionalism and has partnerships with leading names such as Dulux Trade and Constructionline, meaning their work is quality assured by independent associations, so they really do require the highest standards!

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Risk assessment workshops

A intergral part of successful risk management is establishing a process for caputuring accurate and effective risk assessments.

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