Staying safe on holiday this summer

It’s the time of year when suitcases, sun cream and sombreros are packed and people are enjoying some well-deserved time away with their families, friends and loved ones.  Whether you are abroad or a staycation, here are some tops tips to keep you safe on holiday.

Water Safety Code 

Every year, in the UK, around 400 people die from drowning as a result of an accident in or around water. Many of these deaths are as a result of simple everyday mistakes, such as a trip or fall into water, or underestimating the effect of swimming in cold open water.

Here are some of the dangers you may find;

  • It can be very cold
  • There may be hidden currents
  • It can be difficult to get out (steep slippery banks)
  • It can be deep
  • There may be hidden rubbish, e.g. shopping trolleys, broken glass
  • There may be no lifeguards there
  • It is difficult to estimate depth
  • It may be polluted and may make you ill


Source: ROSPA

Gardening Safety

About 300,000 people are hurt in their gardens each year seriously enough to go to hospital.  Around 87,000 of those are from people injuring them gardening or carrying out DIY jobs in the garden!   Here are some top tips for safe gardening.

  • Wearing the proper gloves will not only reduce blistering but will also protect your skin from fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria and fungus that live in the soil.
  • Repetitive motions such as digging, raking, trimming hedges, pruning or planting may cause back injuries such as strains and pulled muscles.  Make sure your gardening activities are varied and tasks are rotated every 15 minutes with a brief rest in-between so that the same muscles are not used over and over again.
  • Sharp objects and debris buried in the soil may cut you, make sure you use a trowel instead of your hands!
  • Make sure your pruners and loppers have a safety lock
  • Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for the tool.
  • Always unplug electrical tools when they are not in use and make sure you have circuit breaker.
  • Then there is flip flops and gardening…………

Source: ROSPA

Holiday Accommodation

Familiarise yourself with your accommodation including public areas, safety features and the emergency procedures in place.

  • Familiarise yourself with the escape routes and locate the fire exit nearest to your room.    If travelling with children a top tip is to physically show them the escape routes from your accommodation.
  • Check what fire detection systems are in place.
  • If on a cruise make sure you participate in the emergency evacuation drill.
  • Be aware of glass patio doors, sometimes its difficult to tell if they are closed.

Quad Bike Safety

While quad bikes may be fun to drive, they are also powerful pieces of machinery that can be extremely dangerous.  If you are planning to hire a quad bike, here are some tips for staying safe on holiday this summer.

  • Stick to enjoying quad biking as part of an organised off-road excursion and don’t use a quad bike on main roads.
  • Check your travel insurance – you may not be covered to hire a quad bike.
  • Always wear a protective helmet.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Make sure that you are provided with the appropriate training to operate the vehicle safely.
  • Check that the vehicle is in good condition and do not ride it if you have any concerns.
  • Watch your speed.
  • Do not allow anyone to ride pillion.

Source: ABTA

Camping and fire safety

A fire can destroy a tent in 60 seconds, so if camping, follow this fire safety advice: 

  • Keep a torch handy – never light a candle or have any kind of flame in or near to a tent
  • Keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children
  • Always cook outside and well away from your tent – cooking appliances should never be used in small tents
  • Don’t cook near flammable materials or long grass
  • Store flammable liquids or gas cylinders away from the tent
  • Never smoke inside a tent
  • Have an escape plan
  • make sure everyone knows what to do if their clothes catch fire – STOP, DROP AND ROLL

Source: Fire and Rescue Service

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