Health and safety with a smile

There’s no clipboard. There’s no berating anybody. There’s no H&S police.

There’s just a smile.

That’s how our health and safety training, consultancy and advice is delivered.

Taking your health and safety to the next level requires complete buy in from the employees on the ground up to the management team.

Our approach is all about talking, understanding, assessing together and building a health and safety platform specifically for your business.

There’s nothing worse than generic.

That’s never going to be what Kedleston Safety delivers to your business.

All that is on offer is practical hands-on support and advice to help your specific business proactively protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff.

Whatever that setting is.

It could be you are operating in a medical setting and need a fresh pair of eyes to audit or provide the training that is essential for safe operation in today’s environment.

Perhaps you have a busy manufacturing site that needs a refresh on how two person jobs can be completed safely for different reasons today than thought about before.

Or it could be you’re offering a service like interior design or photography and need to understand how to operate safely in the various settings you are exposed to on an average day in your working life.

We’ll listen. We’ll understand. We’ll give you something that fits you and your team perfectly.

That’s our promise.

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A intergral part of successful risk management is establishing a process for caputuring accurate and effective risk assessments.

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