What can we learn from disasters?

The recent investigation into a cable car crash in Italy which resulted in the death of 14 people highlights why circumvent safety systems are never a good idea.

Temporary repairs in high risk environments need very careful consideration.

When the temporary repair is detrimental to a critical safety part within a machine, or in this instance a cable car, that can never be acceptable.

As a health and safety advisor our main messages are:

  • Planned maintenance instead of temporary fixes are critical for safe operation of machinery or equipment
  • It’s essential processes, risk assessments and maintenance rotas are generated and shared with staff
  • Checking the qualifications of contractors providing services is essential to ensure you are getting the best fix or advice
  • Embedding a safety culture with zero tolerance to short cuts, poor fixes or interference with safety critical parts prevents accidents
  • Having a system in place where incidents, near misses or break downs are recorded will help with visibility of all site activity

You can read the article in full here:


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A intergral part of successful risk management is establishing a process for caputuring accurate and effective risk assessments.

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